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Mirrors of the Soul book. Read 25 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A new collection of distinctive writings from the pen of Kahlil.
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The more honest and unclouded, the more calm yet merciless, the more caring yet coldly observing our view can be, the better all work will turn out that we will undertake from here onwards.

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The result of a glance into the Soul Mirror shouldn't be a state of self-flagellation or false subserviency. It takes a healthy dose of self-confidence to get this right. It simply is the premise of any successful magical work to look beyond one's limited subjective perception of the world. Here are the practical steps to create your a complete Soul Mirror of the Elements. Feel free to skip steps depending on your existing previous knowledge or experience in introspection.

Mirrors of the Soul

The most advanced version of the Soul Mirror of the Elements can be found in Stejnar's excellent book pointed out above. Not only does it take into account the four elements themselves, but also the four primordial qualities that create these.

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  8. For any German readers, I strongly recommend to read this book cover to cover. However, to give you a first starting point on how to approach the second phase of the Soul Mirror let me share a few examples of mapping of inner qualities to the four elements below. I saw that self stretching its hands as if begging from unseen ghosts. I saw it looking above the shoulders of the people to a far horizon, empty of everything except its solitude and seclusion.

    I saw you, my friend, passionately in love with a beautiful woman, filling her palms with your kisses as she looked at you with sympathy and affection in her eyes and sweetness of motherhood on her lips; I said, secretly, that love has erased his solitude and removed his seclusion and he is now within the eternal soul which draws toward itself, with love, those who were separated by solitude and seclusion.

    by Kahlil Gibran

    On the second look I saw behind your soul another lonely soul, like a fog, trying in vain to become a drop of tears in the palm of that woman. Your life, my friend, is a residence far away from any other residence and neighbors.

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    Your inner soul is a home far away from other homes named after you. If this residence is dark, you cannot light it with your neighbor's lamp; if it is empty you cannot fill it with the riches of your neighbor; were it in the middle of a desert, you could not move it to a garden planted by someone else. Your inner soul, my friend, is surrounded with solitude and seclusion.

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    Were it not for this solitude and this seclusion you would not be you and I would not be I. If it were not for that solitude and seclusion, I would, if I heard your voice, think myself to be speaking; yet, if I saw your face, i would imagine that I were looking into a mirror. For heaven's sake, my heart, keep secret your love, and hide the secret from those you see and you will have better fortune.

    He who reveals secrets is considered a fool; silence and secrecy are much better for him who falls in love.

    For heaven's sake, my heart, if someone asks, "What has happened? If you are asked, "Who is she? For heaven's sake, my love, conceal your passion; your sickness is also your medicine because love to the soul is as wine in a glass - what you see is liquid, what is hidden is its spirit. User Reviews.

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