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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Are you sick of attending open inspections every I Buy Houses: The Property Investor's Handbook by [Do, Paul].
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You also need to start building relationships with contractors before you buy your first flip. You want to start getting quotes once the property is under contract, or even before. Part of learning how to flip a house is building a network of contractors : general contractors, electricians, roofers, plumbers, painters, HVAC experts.

Get to know several lower-cost, well-rounded handymen as well. Contractors are an incredibly important part of that network, along with an outstanding Realtor and home inspector. Another crucial part of learning how to flip houses is learning how to find good deals. That means not only buying below market value, but with wide enough margins to cover your many expenses: two rounds of closing costs, carrying costs during your renovation, Realtor fees, and of course the cost of your time and work.

There are many strategies to find below-market deals on homes to flip. You could work with a Realtor to find on-market deals, work with wholesalers to find off-market deals, build a direct mail marketing campaign, and so on. Finding good deals for flipping houses is a massive topic in itself, but start here for an introduction to how to find houses to flip. Part of finding a good deal as a home flipper is simply patience. Finding deals is a numbers game. If your strategy for finding deals revolves around direct mail, you may need to send letters, tour 50 properties, and make offers on 20 of them, before one is accepted at a price that makes sense for you.

Tempting as it may be to compromise, stand by your house flipping business plan!

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Typically investment property lenders move much faster than homeowner lenders, but the process still takes time. Next, consider hiring a home inspector. Home inspections take several hours and are incredibly comprehensive. While more experienced house flippers may look for homes that need a complete renovation, in the beginning you should stick with cosmetic repairs and updates, as we discussed earlier. Make sure the property is structurally sound and that the mechanical systems are in good working order.

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Get multiple quotes and get a sense for the differences in approach from the different contractors who provide quotes. Choose a contractor and schedule them to start work on the same day you settle on the property. In other words, lost money! The faster you can complete the renovation project, the faster you can sell the property and pay off your loan. And the faster you get your payday. Flipping homes successfully is in many ways an exercise in efficiency.

The same goes for project pricing. All the more reason to choose your contractors well. The final step of flipping homes is usually the simplest — selling it! This is largely handled by your Realtor, so make sure you hire an expert Realtor for your market. Ideally, you should already have gotten their opinion on after-repair value ARV before even putting a contract on the property.

Read more: Closing Costs and Stamp Duty. We have tax attorneys and accountants in our network who are qualified to advise our clients on all the above tax matters.

In New York, property agent fees are paid by the seller. Hence, it is in the best interest of the buyer to have agent representation to help identify the right property, negotiate the best price and coordinate the entire purchase process. Access to inventory: The property inventory in New York is openly accessible to all.

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For example, if there are 5, listings for sale at a given point in time, all brokers and consumers have access to this inventory. There is no restricted or exclusive access given to certain brokers. Brokers usually access the inventory through the broker system while consumers can access them through websites like Streeteasy. Any broker can bring a buyer client to view any property. The value is not in getting access to properties. This is just the way the brokerage trade agreement works in New York. The market rate is usually 15 percent of the annual rent. All agents in New York, through the real estate trade agreement of the Real Estate Board of New York , have access to the same property listings.

For example, if there are 5, properties for sale in Manhattan, every agent will have access to the 5, listings. As such, the brokerage community strongly discourages the buyer on using multiple agents as this creates confusion.

My 9-Step Plan to Get Started (or Restarted) With Real Estate Investing

We recommend that a potential client interview several agents and then decide on one. This expectation is consistent among all good brokers. An emerging area may have higher expected returns but also comes with higher financial risk such as higher vacancy rate. An established area has lower return but will likely be faster to rent out and prices are not be as dependent on external factors.

This depends on the bank that is providing the mortgage.

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The individual assigned the POA can be a lawyer who is given authority to execute contracts specific to the transaction. Leveraging prior careers at top Fortune companies, we have a strong financial background which allows us to explain in terms of return on investment ROI , financial performance, yield and appreciation potential vs other investment options faced by the investor stocks, bonds, hedge funds. This differentiates us from most agents whose focus is to stress the granite countertop or marble bathroom. Totally renovated the apartment and rented out immediately when done. We were property investors before becoming property agents.

Our clients benefit from our insights as landlords. We provide a one-stop solution to foreign buyers. This includes identifying the right property, negotiating price, bringing the team together closing attorney, tax attorney, accountant, financing , finding the tenant, dealing with the tenant, eventually marketing the property for sale. The cycle typically starts all over as our clients often want to redeploy capital to buy another property.

Development by Toll Brothers. Clients booked at pre-construction. Amazing interior details and classic style windows.


Investing in property Vs investing in equity: Which gives higher returns?

Below is the process for buying a condo in Manhattan, New York. The process is similar for those buying the condo as an investment property or as a vacation home. Main difference is that for investment property buyers, down payment required by the lender is higher. After our investor client buys an investment property in New York, the next step is to market to potential renters. Both brokers still represent the interest of their respective clients despite fees coming from tenant. Internet marketing Website, Broker system, Streeteasy, Trulia. Problems happen.

This ranges from items that the building staff can fix toilet not flushing properly, screws to tighten, light bulbs to change to things that are beyond what the building staff can do coordinating appliance repair or replacement, hiring a plumber, managing tenant relationship etc.

We can be the point of contact for resolving these issues. Alternatively, we can refer the owner to a property management company from the beginning. In either case, there is a process in place so the investor owner can have peace of mind knowing that operational issues will be handled.

Marketing the property for sale includes the following activities. Benefits and risks of investing in Manhattan property. Manhattan historical price trend. Best condos in Manhattan. After all, excellent tenants like them tend to require fewer repairs and will leave far less wear and tear behind when they do finally move out.

I Buy Houses The Property Investor's Handbook

Fortunately, most of those funds have come straight from our renters themselves. Since both of our properties bring in a tidy profit each month, we are able to use the overages to pay for things like repairs and upgrades and whatever else comes up. Still, some of the money has come straight out of our own pockets, and those surprise repairs always seem to come at the most unexpected and worst times possible. Everything always worked out fine, but I definitely realized over time that we needed to set some funds aside for what we knew would eventually happen.

And now that we have an emergency fund big enough to handle nearly anything, I no longer stress out about those things — like the roof that needs replaced in the next year or two, or the year-old furnace that will eventually die.